JUNE 4TH, 2019

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About the event

We hope  you’ll join us at FordLabs downtown Ann Arbor where our industrious speakers will discuss their experiences navigating the tech industry and propelling their careers into thought leaders in the field. Our empowered speakers will discuss how to build up your experience for your next role, maneuvering a room of doubters and discovering your personal success story.

This program positions established or climbing women in the tech field to create effective and warranted disruption to their industry by addressing gender bias, pay inequality and overcoming adversity.
These speakers are the aspiring leaders we chose for the event:

Tonya McCarley

Product Manager, DaySmart Software & Adjunct faculty, UofM School of Information

With 24 years of professional experience, Tonya successfully navigated careers in sales and in technology. Currently, she is Product Manager and the Director of User Experience at DaySmart. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Michigan School of Information, where she teaches Introduction to Interaction Design to graduate students. In her current roles, Tonya brings value to all states of the product life cycle, from discovery of a new idea to the maintenance/growth of an established product. Collaboration is a key function of her role; bridging the gap between end-users, subject matter experts, and technology teams. As a life-long learner, Tonya constantly pushes herself and others to keep learning: new ideas, new processes, new technology.
Lisa McLaughlin

Lisa McLaughlin

CEO, Co-Founder at Workit Health

Lisa McLaughlin is a social entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Workit Health, a telehealth addiction care company creating an entire new channel for reducing drinking and drug use backed by the National Science Foundation. She is the recipient of the TechWeek Detroit Technology Woman of the Year award for 2017. Lisa serves as a Desai Accelerator Mentor for early stage technology companies and as an advisor to a number of biotech startups. Lisa has held leadership positions at some of the world’s most respected digital health and learning companies. She developed one of the first social sector technology service models in the health informatics space and has facilitated a wide range of learning innovation labs for foundations (Gates Foundation, Hewlett Foundation) and universities. She has extensive training and experience in addiction research, crisis referral, alcohol and drug treatment aftercare, wilderness therapy, disaster response, and college completion. Lisa was previously an Innovation Fellow at the University of Michigan School of Information building social impact programs at the intersection of information science and social innovation (MSI/MSW).

Judy Asher

Manager, Cyber Security & Governance, Ford Motor Company

Judy Asher got her bachelor’s degree in computational mathematics from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Michigan, and has been with Ford since 1989. One of the biggest technological advances since then is the so-called internet of things, which connects people to their cars and household appliances through their smartphones. At the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ford introduced what it called the Handle on Mobility and Info Cycle as part of its Ford Smart Mobility plan. Asher had challenged employees to design an e-bike, and the result was a bike with a rear-facing sensor that vibrates the handlebars and turns on the bike’s light to warn of a vehicle coming from behind and an app to give riders information about bike-friendly roads and potential hazards. Asher has also run innovation hackathons, one of which was to challenge employees to figure out ways to use smartwatches as part of the connected vehicle.
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Why the 'Prove Them Right' Women in Tech Series was created:
DaySmart Software, FordLabs and SPARK have paired up to provide this series for A2tech360’s week of programs which is dedicated to promoting the ecosystem of innovation in the Ann Arbor.
Who was it created for?
Our Women in Tech program brings together talented professionals in tech, who just happen to be women. We invite professionals looking to build up their professional networks with like minded women and allies.
Why now?
Tech as an industry is the loudest voice currently shaping how we move forward as a modern society. Though women currently make up 59% of the total workforce only 20% are breaking into tech jobs. Most shockingly 40% of women with engineering degrees either don’t enter the field at all or quit soon after. While tech continually shapes our lives a major voice is missing in its development, women. Now is the time to discuss, join us at our women in tech conference and bring your voice.

Ann Arbor · June 4th, 2019

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