Our 2018 Speakers

Our Speakers will each have a workplace perspective on their climb to their position and provide the audience with genuine and valuable advice in building your own brand as a woman leader and how to best position yourself for opportunity towards success.

There will be a fireside chat at the end where questions that the audience asks during their registration that will also help guide the direction of the conference.

These speakers are the aspiring leaders we chose for the event:
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Engelina Jaspers

Over a rewarding 30-year corporate career Engelina Jaspers experienced revolving-door CEOs, business course-corrections and lots of reinventions. Across all her VP leadership roles — marketing, brand strategy, environmental sustainability, corporate communications — none escaped disruption. After being tapped to lead multiple companywide transformations, Engelina became a student and teacher of business and career agility.

These experiences led her to develop the Marketing Flexology management framework — a mindset and a toolset for future-proofing your career, your team, and your platform. Engelina shares marketing agility know-how in her book, presentations, and workshops so you, too, can anticipate and prosper from unplanned change.

Her new book, Marketing Flexology: How to Outsmart Change and Future-proof Your Career is available for preorder from these fine sellers.

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Cindy Schipani

Cindy A. Schipani's primary research interests are in the area of corporate governance, with a focus on the relationship among directors, officers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Her research has included analysis of directors' duties utilizing tools of financial economics, consideration of specific issues confronting directors of financial institutions, analysis of the corporate fiduciary duties of care and loyalty, issues of liability for environmental violations and ethical links between corporate governance and sustainable peace.

She has served as the Louis and Myrtle Moskowitz Research Professor in Law and Business and as Co-director of the University of Michigan Business School Corporate Governance Project sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Professor Schipani has received a number of invitations to present her research nationally and internationally. She has also received numerous awards for her research, including the Academy of Legal Studies in Business National Award for Excellence and its Holmes-Cardozo Research Award.

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Trey Boynton

Trey Boynton is the head of diversity and inclusion at Duo Security. She has spent her professional career working to create inclusive environments. For nearly 20 years, she worked in university settings working with students, faculty and staff in diversity leadership roles.

She joined Duo Security in 2017 as their first head of diversity and inclusion to guide overall strategy and connectedness initiatives. For Trey, inclusion work is deeply personal. She describes it as head and heart work centered on creating space so that employees are valued, celebrated, and able to define their own success. In this presentation, Trey talks about diversity and inclusion in tech, and its importance to growing a vibrant business.

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Brooke Boyle

As Founder and CEO of Engage, Brooke Boyle specializes in connecting individuals with opportunity by introducing them to people they wouldn’t have otherwise met. She is setting a new standard in professional networking and community building by helping individuals meaningfully diversify their networks. Her commitment to supporting individuals driven to participate in their communities has attracted national attention.

Brooke’s people-focused career started with a degree in Psychology. She went on to sell women’s clothing, and then sell leadership and business acumen programs to executives. She realized she had some of her own business acumen and expanded the operations of her father’s executive search firm before taking a few years off to gain some serious life experience as the mother of an infant child who has now survived leukemia. After moving to Ann Arbor four years ago, Brooke’s work focused on community and employee engagement within the tech sector. She realized that her unique knack for human connection could be leveraged in a way that’s causing a paradigm shift in networking, recruiting, and the economic impact that can be driven by a social enterprise.
(Photo taken by Kate Przygocki)

Have questions for our speakers?

Email: womeninleadership@daysmart.com and we will ensure your questions will be answered at the event!


Why the Women in Leadership | Prove Them Right Campaign was created:

Daysmart Software, headquartered in Ann Arbor, provides powerful software solutions to thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe. More than 85% of our clients are women, and our success depends wholly on their continued success. Which got us to thinking… what more can we do to promote women in leadership?  We started this forum for women to discuss the challenges they face in the hope that we can share strategies to overcome common obstacles.

Who was it created for?

Entrepreneurs who want tools to better position themselves for success as leaders.

Anyone who wants to create progressive communities and businesses where opportunity has no gender requirement.

Anyone who wants to create progressive communities and businesses where opportunity has no gender requirement.

Why now?

This is the 64th year of the “Fortune 500” a list of the top US companies, which represent an astounding 2/3 of the total domestic GDP (with $12.8 trillion in revenue). In the United States, women make up more than 50% of the population, but only represent 4.8% of the Fortune 500 CEOs (24 out of these 500 are led by women).  
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