Save Your Spot at our Women in Leadership Ann Arbor Event

We often hear about successful women breaking “the glass ceiling” and they should be celebrated for doing so, but why does this “glass-ceiling” still exist? The truth is that, in a society where roughly half of the population is female, only 24 Fortune 500 CEOs are women – less than 5%.

On October 17, 2018, a groundbreaking Ann Arbor event will take place at the Zingerman’s Greyline at 100 N. Ashley Street, hosted by DaySmart Software. The 2018 Women in Leadership Ann Arbor event aims to provide a forum for women and community leaders to hear from a variety of different viewpoints on the issue of gender equality in business.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with female business leaders from the local community (and beyond!) and benefit from the insights of women who have faced bias, inequality and unfairness in the workplace and managed to create success for themselves.
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The Purpose of the Women in Leadership Conference

DaySmart Software, the makers of 123Pet, Salon Iris, Orchid and Inkbook Software is headquartered in Ann Arbor, a progressive city that’s proud to offer equal opportunity in leadership to everyone. As a company that believes in equal opportunity, we understand the importance of women having a seat at the table, because when they do, everyone benefits.

This landmark conference provides an opportunity for every person to benefit from taking the time to listen to what powerful women have to say. The fact is, opportunity should have no barriers based on gender. There should be no pay gap between men and women doing the same work, and women shouldn’t have to work harder to be heard in a professional setting.

By listening to women in leadership who have overcome these obstacles, attendees can develop a blueprint for themselves. We’ve created the perfect environment to promote understanding and acquire insight from the wisdom and experiences of our speakers. We will end the session with a “fireside chat” where questions will be addressed and ideas can be shared. During this Ann Arbor event, Zingerman’s Deli will provide catering and there will be an open bar at the venue.

Attendees will hear from female leaders with a variety of perspectives:

Engelina Jaspers

Engelina Jaspers is a seasoned executive, having served as Vice President in a variety of corporate roles. In fact, the only constant in Engelina’s career, has been change. Over time, she learned to adapt and flourish in the face of career uncertainty, a practice which she calls “marketing flexology“.

She will discuss the ways in which women can succeed in adapting to unplanned change and prospering, even when times are uncertain. Her talk is called “How You Show Up”, and will discuss strategies to present yourself as a business-first leader.
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Cindy Schipani

Cindy Schipani is a highly-accomplished business and law professor at the University of Michigan’s renowned Ross School of Business. Her talk at the 2018 Women in Leadership Conference is called “Making Money Moves”, a practical approach at overcoming the factors that contribute to women making less money than their male counterparts—primarily as a function of the structural gender pay gap.
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Trey Boynton

Trey Boynton is Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Duo Security and knows exactly what it means to overcome obstacles. In her talk, Trey talks about her experiences in promoting diversity in a male-dominated tech sector. Her talk is called “Know Your Audience” and discusses practical approaches to communicating in a way that people in your environment will be best able to understand you.
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Brooke Boyle

As Founder and CEO of Engage, Brooke Boyle specializes in connecting individuals with opportunity by introducing them to people they wouldn’t have otherwise met. She is setting a new standard in professional networking and community building by helping individuals meaningfully diversify their networks. Her commitment to supporting individuals driven to participate in their communities has attracted national attention. Brooke will host the fireside chat where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

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What Attendees Will Take Away

We hope that those who attend this Ann Arbor event will take away key insights about achieving success as a woman in business, and that community leaders will discover new and improved strategies to make business more inclusive to diverse groups of people.

To remember the lessons learned from our conference, all attendees will be able to take away a specially designed Women in Leadership bag, featuring the 24 current female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies design by the talented local artist: Wendi Strang-Frost.

Wendi Strang-Frost: The Local Artist Behind Our Bag Design

Wendi Strang-Frost is an independent comic artist who lives and works in Michigan with her writer husband. She started working digitally in 2015 because “control+Z is so much nicer than white out. And less messy.” In the past she did artwork for ElfQuest’s WaveDancers, appeared in some independent comic anthologies, drew a few stories for Plastic Farm, and co-created the mini-comic series Johnny Public with Sean Frost.

Wendi Strang-Frost, chose this conference bag design as a way to shed light on the issue that women are largely underrepresented in the pool of leaders that run the largest businesses in the world. For a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Natalie Unseen, visit her Patreon page or visit her Society 6 store for prints.