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2018 Conference Recap:

A Successful Evening For
Women in Leadership

Thank you to everyone who attended the Women in Leadership Conference in Ann Arbor – we were thrilled to be a part of such a high energy gathering and consider this, our first such event, a huge success. A group of diverse and dynamic speakers provided in-depth insight as well as actionable and practical tools that anyone can use. We are indebted to our speakers for providing a variety of perspectives, powerful insights and productive strategies to help women better their position as workplace leaders.
Cindy A. Schipani the professor of Business Administration & Business Law at the University of Michigan’s Ross spoke first. Cindy highlighted strategies to narrow the pay gap between men and women. She brought a lot of research to the table and provided practical approaches to changing company cultures.  She advocated for stopping the practice of asking for previous pay of job applicants in order to stop perpetuating the problem of women making 80 cents to the dollar a man would make doing that same job.
Trey Borton, Duo Security’s Diversity and Inclusion Manager was our most engaging speaker of the night as she challenged everyone to embrace inclusion and encourage a diverse and dynamic culture across-the-board. She injected more than a little humor in her “Know Your Audience’” segment, outlining approaches to better understanding one another and continually challenging our expectations of ourselves.
Engelina Jaspers, the author and former VP of Marketing at Flex was our final speaker. Engelina provided context for the types of women leaders, and how each of us should strive to be “business first” leader by challenging the existing definitions of what that means to each of us. She laid out steps on how to assert yourself as a leader, with examples of how to present yourself as agile and disruptive. Her takeaway quote: “being efficient doesn’t equate to being effective”.
Brooke Boyle the founder and CEO of Engage, hosted our fireside chat. Brooke included personal perspective and gave the audience a chance to get involved allowing them to ask questions and add their input to our speakers commentary.
Women In Leadership

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Overall, it was a fantastic evening, with one attendee remarking: “What an incredible audience and organization! I saw people from so many different industries attend which made it feel like an inclusive discussion.” Once again, we would like to thank all the attendees, speakers, caterers and our co-sponsor, SPARK of Ann Arbor, for making this event possible. We hope to make the event even bigger and better next year, and would love to have more male attendees get involved in this conversation in order to broaden the discussion. Please follow (and like!) DaySmart Software on Facebook to be the first to learn about next year’s event, and to see more photos from the evening!
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